NBA All Star Game Fantasy Draft? Make It Happen Stern.

Last year the NHL adopted a new format for their All Star Game, they would have two captains(voted by the all stars) and pick players for their team out of the 30 selected players. This resembled pickup hockey and gave us the opportunity to view different star combos. The one problem for this is that the NHL All Star Game means absolutely nothing and really the most exciting part about it was the fantasy draft itself.

The best All Star Games in my mind are the MLB All Star Game because it actually means something, followed by the NBA All Star Game because of the fact that it’s like street basketball and is just highlight after highlight, then ┬áthe NHL All Star Game and finally, last and very least the NFL Pro Bowl.┬áThe NBA could take full advantage of the “Fantasy Draft” it’s already a pickup game when it comes to the rules and it means nothing, unlike the MLB All Star Game. So why not have it be a fantasy draft. There would be two captains one of the captains would be the “star” player for the hosting city and to make things interesting have the opposing captain be the “star” player from the rival city. Then we’d have the top 30 players voted on by the fans to get drafted by the two captains. Imagine a team that consisted of Blake Griffin AND Lebron James. That’s a highlight factory waiting to happen not to mention having Steve Nash giving them behind the back alley oop passes. The NBA All Star Game could easily become the most exciting all star game and one of the more entertaining sporting events of the year.