Conference Championship Picks

Since this site is only a few days old I haven’t been able to report on my favourite sport, FOOTBALL! I was unable to give my TEEEEEEEBBBBOOOOOWWWWWW rant, my report on how Peyton Manning is a shoe in for the 2011 MVP award or how in week 4 I said San Francisco wasn’t all that good. Thank God I never posted that. So let’s get down to business.

AFC Championship Game:

The AFC Championship game sees the New England Patriots (number one seed) playing the Baltimore Ravens (number two seed). This game will come down to one matchup: Joe Flacco vs The New England defence. The New England defence had the 2nd worst defence of all time. Now we know that Tom Brady will have a tough time with the Ravens D but he will probably score 24 points. So this leaves us with Mr Flacco. With the help of one of the best running backs in the league (Ray Rice), all he’ll have to do is score more than 24 points against the 2nd worst defence of ALL TIME!!

Pick: Baltimore

NFC Championship Game:

Th NFC Championship game pits The San Francisco 49ers (second seed) against The New York Giants (fourth seed). This game is an interesting one because, if New York wins they’ll just be adding to what is already a pretty crazy run. But if the 49ers win it will almost be enough to destroy the “bust” label that surrounds quarterback Alex Smith. It will also be the second time in three years that a first year coach (Jim Harbaugh), made the Super Bowl; the last being now fired Colts coach Jim Caldwell. Personally, I just can’t see Alex Smith putting up the amount of points he put up last week against the Saints. The Giants have a very good D and they won’t be embarrassed by the 49ers. All Eli Manning should have to do to bring his G-Men to the Super Bowl is score over 14 points.

Pick: The New York Giants

Staff Picks:

Vernon Smells: New England to face San Francisco in the Super Bowl.

Harry: Giants vs Ravens (like yours truly).

Kipling Ronald: A repeat of the 2007 Super Bowl, Giants vs Patriots.

Gonzo: N/A