Tigers… really?

With Victor Martinez not likely to play in any games next season (due to a torn ACL), the Detroit Tigers looked to be in quite the predicament. Who would protect Miguel Cabrera? and would this offense be enough to compete against the AL’s best?

Well, the Tigers found their replacement…and then some!

Today the Tigers signed all-star first-baseman Prince Fielder to a 9-year, $214 million contract. Not only did they significantly upgrade an already elite offense, they signed one of the biggest, and final remaining free-agents of the off-season. With the likes of Albert Pujols, Jose Reyes, C.J. Wilson, Mark Buerhle, and a plethora of great closers all signed to expensive contracts with new teams, Fielder was the last of the top-tier free agents.

Formerly part of a Milwaukee Brewers offense which was good enough to make the second round of the playoffs, Fielder now joins an even better Tigers offense that was fourth best in the MLB. While the combination of Braun/Fielder was truly scary, he now joins Miguel Cabrera to form the scariest 3-4 punch in all of baseball.

Based on multiple reports, the Tigers weren’t even interested in Fielder this off-season, even after Martinez’s injury. However the Tigers manged to put up a stellar offer, and bring the rotund hitting machine to the Motor city. The move will see Cabrera and Fielder split time between first base and designated hitter, a possible challenge for manager Jim Leyland.

As the off-season surprisingly comes to an end, and with spring training just around the corner, we can all be sure of one thing… balls will be flying out of Comerica park!