NBA All Star Game Fantasy Draft? Make It Happen Stern.

Last year the NHL adopted a new format for their All Star Game, they would have two captains(voted by the all stars) and pick players for their team out of the 30 selected players. This resembled pickup hockey and gave us the opportunity to view different star combos. The one problem for this is that the NHL All Star Game means absolutely nothing and really the most exciting part about it was the fantasy draft itself.

The best All Star Games in my mind are the MLB All Star Game because it actually means something, followed by the NBA All Star Game because of the fact that it’s like street basketball and is just highlight after highlight, then  the NHL All Star Game and finally, last and very least the NFL Pro Bowl. The NBA could take full advantage of the “Fantasy Draft” it’s already a pickup game when it comes to the rules and it means nothing, unlike the MLB All Star Game. So why not have it be a fantasy draft. There would be two captains one of the captains would be the “star” player for the hosting city and to make things interesting have the opposing captain be the “star” player from the rival city. Then we’d have the top 30 players voted on by the fans to get drafted by the two captains. Imagine a team that consisted of Blake Griffin AND Lebron James. That’s a highlight factory waiting to happen not to mention having Steve Nash giving them behind the back alley oop passes. The NBA All Star Game could easily become the most exciting all star game and one of the more entertaining sporting events of the year.


The key to picking a bandwagon for the 2012 NBA season


As a casual NBA fan, every year I have difficulty choosing which bandwagon to hop on for that season. I’ve gone from the Suns, Raptors, Cavaliers and yes, the Heat. So the top 4 bandwagons this year are:




1) The Los Angeles Clippers


The LA Clippers are the ultimate bandwagon team, they’re full of points and highlights…And you clearly only like them for that fact; there’s no emotional attachment at all. The Clippers had a great team even before the almighty Stern granted them CP3. With Blake Griffin (easily the most exciting basketball player in the NBA right now), Deandre Jordan (whose been known to put in some highlights of his own), Chauncey Billups (a man who couldn’t take the New York lifestyle so he decided to move to the small town of Los Angeles) and Eric Bledsoe. Even that team right there would’ve been a highlight factory but then they added CP3 and created Lob City. With a name like that you know they are worth your time as they just Dunk!


2) The Miami Heat

PPG: 107.23

The Miami Heat… The Dream Team… The greatest team ever assembled… The team that went 82-0 and and won the NBA championship 200-10 over the old Dallas Mavericks. Oh wait sorry, those last two things never happened, ANYWAYS, the Miami Heat is a highlight factory of their own with the big named stars; Lebron James (one of the greatest NBA players of all time), Dwayne Wade (easily in the top 3 for best shooting guards in the NBA) and Chris Bosh (Although Bosh has gotten flack from writers and Shaq; let’s not forget this is the man who single handedly brought the Raptors to NBA playoffs. Let me say that again the Raptors.) There is only one major flaw for liking the Heat. You clearly jumped on their bandwagon last season and most fans will see you as a total DICK.

3) Memphis Grizzlies

PPG: 93.54

The Grizzlies had a beautiful Cinderella story last year knocking off the Spurs in the first round playoffs. But beyond that there isn’t much other than having Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol’s less attractive and less talented brother. They’re like Rick Santorum; they’ll have a nice Cinderella story but you know there’s no way they’ll win.

PPG: 94.57

The Timberwolves are by far the team I’m most excited about. This team consists of Kevin Love (who dominates in almost all stat categories), Ricky Rubio (who is the #1 rookie at the moment), Michael Beasley and Derrick Williams. Now this bandwagon can be the sleeper pick of the year or could easily miss the playoffs. The real beauty of hopping on this teams’ bandwagon is the fact that no one will EVER call you on this. Who would doubt a Minnesota Timberwolves fan? Are they supposed to call you on the fact you like a team that went 17-65 last season?