The Sanctity Of The Horseshoe

As of this week, there seemed to be a small riff between Colts owner Jim Irsay and Colts star quarterback Peyton Manning. It all started when Peyton did an interview with Bob Kravitz. Manning had just disclosed his personal feelings about the Colts current situation. Jim Irsay would have none of this, saying Manning should’ve kept it “in the house” and talked about the “sanctity of the horseshoe”. This was all very ironic, seeing as Irsay loves to tweet as much as possible. As well, his father did just abandon the city of Baltimore during a snow storm to relocate to Indianapolis. Since this little riff Irsay and Manning have released a joint statement saying everything was okay now and so on, but with this latest riff, it’s becoming more and more clear that Peyton Manning will not be the Colts QB next season, but for the sake of the Colts they should pray they don’t have to play an angry Manning next year.