The League- Basketball- Week 5 Recap

If you haven’t read Week 4 yet, read it here: ( After another intense week, the playoff race is getting tighter. Ever player battling their hearts out for the “we still haven’t named it yet” trophy. Let’s take a look at last weeks standings, in case you’ve forgotten.

1. Kipling Ronald           30-6-0
2. Gonzo                         25-11-0
3. Vernon Smells           24-12-0
4. Soulless Sensation   17-19-0
5. McFultz                       17-19-0
6. other A                         16-20-0
7. other B                         14-22-0
8. other C                         13-23-0
9. zookeeper                  13-23-0
10. other D                       11-25-0    

Those were from last week, and YES, there were changes this week, first we’ll take a look at the scores from the week.

Vernon Smells               7
Gonzo                             2

McFultz                           4
Other A                            5

Kipling Ronald               6
Other C                            3

Soulless Sensation       5
zookeeper                      4

Other B                            3
Other D                            6

With Soulless Sensation, Mcfultz and Other A all neck and neck for that final playoff spot, all of those games were extra important. As you can see Other A was able to beat Mcfultz and Soulless Sensation able to stand tough against zookeeper to keep up his strong play.Another important game was between Me(Vernon Smells) and Gonzo. It was clear one of us was going to take over second place, and it was me with a great 7-2 victory, but don’t let the score fool you, it was much closer than it would seem. So, after these great matchups, let’s take a look at the new Standings.

1. Kipling Ronald           36-9-0
2. Vernon Smells           31-14-0
3. Gonzo                         27-18-0
4. Soulless Sensation   22-23-0
5. other A                          21-24-0
6. McFultz                       21-24-0
7. other D                         17-28-0 
8. zookeeper                  17-28-0
9. other B                         17-28-0
10. other C                       16-29-0

Some of the big changes include: me taking over second place, Other A passing McFultz and how everything below that switched around as well. Among the things that stay the same: Kipling Ronald still doesn’t have double digit losses, Soulless Sensation continues to barely hold on to that final playoff spot, and he’s getting a little bit closer to Gonzo of the Big 3. Let’s take a quick look at what matches will be happening this week.


Soulless Sensation
Other C

Other D

Kipling Ronald
Vernon Smells

Other A
Other B

This week is huge, as Soulless Sensation tries to hold on to his playoff spot, while McFultz and Other A try to catch him for it. I have a chance to cut into Kipling Ronald for first place, and zookeeper wants to try and dig himself out of this big hole he’s dug himself into, to quote Troy Aikman on Madden 12. Here are the rosters, anything in Bold indicates the player was newly added.

Vernon Smells
 Kyrie Irving, PG
Jason Terry PG, SG
Mo Williams PG
Russell Westbrook, PG
Danilo Gallinari, SF
Richard Jefferson, SF
Paul George, SF, SG
Paul Pierce, SF, SG
Carlos Boozer, PF, C
Kevin Love, PF, C
Serge Ibaka, PF, C
Joakim Noah, PF, C
Mo Williams, PG

Kipling Ronald
Kyle Lowry, PG
Marcus Thornton, SG
Louis Williams, PG, SG
Gerald Wallace, SF, PF
Paul Millsap, PF
David Lee, PF, C
Samuel Dalembert, C
Pau Gasol, PF, C
Mario Chalmers, PG
Al Jefferson, PF, C
Luol Deng, SF
Ryan Anderson, PF, C
Elton Brand, PF, C

Deron Williams, PG
Iman Shumpert, PG, SG
Jrue Holiday, PG
Antawn Jamison, SF, PF
Deandre Jordan, PF, C
Joe Johnson, SG, SF
Chris Bosh, PF, C
Tim Duncan, PF, C
Tony Parker, PG
Brandon Jennings, PG
Anthony Morrow, SG, SF
Dwight Howard, C
Andre Miller, PG

Soulless Sensation
Monta Ellis, PG, SG
Ray Allen, SG
Devin Harris, PG
LeBron James, SF, PF
Josh Smith, SF, PF
Kevin Garnett, PF, C
Nene Hilario. PF, C
Tyson Chandler, C
Byron Mullens, C
Tony Allen, SG, SF
Andy Rautins, PG
Taylor Griffin, SF, PF
Zydrunas Ilgauskas, C

Darren Collison, PG
Nicolas Batum, SG, SF
Jason Kidd, PG
Shawn Marion, SF, PF
David West, PF
C.J. Miles, SG, SF
Marc Gasol, C
Andray Blatche, PF, C
Ricky Rubio, PG
Stephen Curry, PG
Steve Nash, PG
Jason Richardson, SG, SF
Dirk Nowitzki, PF

John Wall, PG
DeMar Derozan, SG, SF
D.J. Augistin, PG
Danny Granger, SF, PF
Thaddeus Young, SF, PF
Carl Landry, SF, PF
Blake Griffin, PF, C
Andrea Bargnani, PF, C
Anderson Varejao, PF, C
Leonardo Barbosa, PG, SG
Ben Gordon, PG, SG
James Harden, SG, SF
Al Harrington, PF, C


-Vernon Smells