The Beauty Inside The Madness

Besides the Super Bowl, March Madness has always been my second favourite sporting event. It has all the drama, a sports fan could want. It’s here where we see the magic in sports and the true passion. A few minutes ago Phil Pressey, of the 3rd ranked Missouri Tigers, (whom I had winning it all in my bracket) missed a game winning 3 pointer and fell victim to 15 seed Norfolk State. Norfolk State has now cemented itself in sports history by being the fifth 15 seed to ever beat a 2nd seed. It’s here that we see the magic in sports, and why every year millions of us tune in to watch March Madness. In March Madness there isn’t just one winner there are several. There is the team that actually wins the tournament and then there are the winners in the teams that upset the heavy favourites the VCU’s, Norfolk States’ and the Davidson’s of the world. These teams, help us as people believe, they show us that anything can happen and that even the little guy can win. We’ve all heard the story of David and Goliath, but time after time we see the Goliaths win in the real world. So when we do see something like this happen it’s relieving and heart warming. Seeing the father of Norfolk States’ forward Kyle O’Quinn jump up and down and get all giddy in the rafters, made me forget about my bracket and actually cheer for Norfolk State. How could anyone cheer against them? In all the Madness that is March Madness, it’s times like these where we see the beauty and the passion in sports. Even if Norfolk State was too lose 100-39 in there next game, all they would remember, and all the world would remember is how on March 16th they upset the number 3 school in the Nation. So with that I say congratulations Norfolk State, you are the true winners of March Madness.
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