It’s Always Sunny on Netflix – a review by SimpleJack

So as you many of you have heard, one of the funniest shows to grace cable TV over the past 10 years has finally made its long awaited Netflix debut (albeit American Netflix, sorry Canadians *cough Vernon Smells cough*). I was never a huge Sunny fan, occasionally I would catch a rerun on FX or Comedy Central, and actually was able to catch most of the last season, however I got into the show so late that I was unable to find a (legal) way to catch the classic episodes from the earlier seasons . However, when Vernon told me It’s Always Sunny came out on American Netflix, I was more than excited… here’s my layman review of my experience.

I started at good old episode one, determined to watch all the episodes one-by-one straight though. So I grabbed my trusty pint of MountainDew, some chips and dip, and several 5-hour energies and found my place on the couch. As soon as I was half way through the first episode I knew something was off, then it hit me. WHERE WAS DANNY DEVITO?! I mean Frank… You see, I always enjoyed Frank’s character from the later episodes I saw, I can relate to him because I too am vertically challenged. That’s beside the point, it just was not the Sunny I knew without Frank. So going against my promise I skipped to the first episode of season 2… and that’s where things got good. I do not know how my kidney is still functioning because after 1.5 seasons and over 6 hours straight of Sunny, I was in a constant state of laughter and ecstasy. I swear, I herniated a disk in my back watching Frank drop acid at walk-on tryouts for the Eagles, or when the McPoyles hold the gang hostage in the bar (seriously that episode was 25 minutes of nonstop laughter. Well anyway, I am 5 episodes into Season 3, but will keep you all updated as I continue my journey to experience 100% of Sunny. Anyway here are my quick reviews of my 3 favorite episodes so far:

1. The Gang Gets Held Hostage: This and The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre (Season 8) are my 2 favorite episodes of Sunny I have seen so far, both coincidentally are McPoyles episodes. The twist ending really makes this episode, but there was not a single dull moment in this episode where the McPoyles, armed with AK-47s, hold the gang hostage in Paddy’s.

2. Hundred Dollar Baby*: This episode starting a bit slow but soon became one of my favorite. Frank trains Dee in the art of self-defense, while Dennis and Mac season Charlie for the dangers of underground street fighting. This was the first episode where I began to warm up to Sweet Dee’s character. (MLB baseball has forced me to place an asterisk next to the title of this episode because of PEDs use)

3. The Gang Gets Invincible: classic It’s Always Sunny parody. In a spoof of the film Invincible, the Eagles are holding open tryouts which attracts the interest of Mac, Dennis, and Dee with promises of playing on “The Linc” and meeting (then Eagle star) Donavon McNabb. The situational humor is priceless in this episode, as Frank drops acid and even more conflict is precipitated by the notorious McPoyle family.

Those are my thoughts so far. Stay updated though as I will continue to report on my progress, hopefully another article coming late this week. This is SimpleJack, signing out.

-Simple Jack

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