The Greatest Hockey Game Ever And What Else Ive Learned From Game 3 Of The Battle For Pensylvania

The Pens-Flyers series has been crazy, to say the least. The Flyers came back from 3-0 deficit in game one to win in overtime. The Flyers then came back in game 2 to win again and take an 2-0 lead in the series. In an NHL playoffs that has started to look like the 70′s with all the fights, the Pens and Flyers series has proven to be the most violent and brutal, all this set the stage for game 3. The Flyers lit up the Pens in the first period to take the lead 4-2. Its not the 6 goals in the first period that was shaping this game to be a masterpiece, it was the fights! There were a couple major fights in the first and you could see the bad blood brewing. The second period had less goals and less fights but was just the calm before the storm. By the end of the 2nd period the score was 6-4 for the Pens. This all brings us to the third. With a win out of sight for the Pens with the score being 8-4. The only smart thing to come would be a fight, AND WHAT A FIGHT! There were bodies everywhere, everyone was in the mix. After every dirty play that happened in the series, they decided to spill the most blood possible. The fights caused close to a 10 min break within the game. Now enough with the synopsis, I shall now list everything I took from the game.

1) Marc Andre-Fleury is a terrible goalie. I have never been a Fleury fan, I’ve always thought he was overrated and could never tolerate people putting him up there as the leagues best. Midway through the 3rd period a stat flashed across my screen which stated that Marc Andre-Fleury was 5-0 after a game where he had let in in 5 or more goals. My dad (whom I was watching the game with) thought that was quite the stat but I couldn’t believe that they would give him any dues for such an atrocity of goaltending. Granted he’s 5-0 the next game after letting in 5+ goals BUT what goalie lets in 5+ goals. There’s a reason they’ve never showed that for Tim Thomas (another player I dispise) or for Jonathan Quick.

2) Crosby should be treated equally by the refs and if not it could mark the end of his career. Another player I have never liked is Sidney Crosby. As of late he’s been scrutinized for his cheap shots. This has left me on cloud 9, I have always hated him for his cheap shots and “tough talk” but once in the thick of things somebody else would have to fight his battles. That happened tonight when he got into a fight with Scott Hartnell but once the fight started Adams got into it and fought Hartnell. The two were then kicked out of the game. Crosby should’ve been kicked out of the game for starting the altercation with Hartnell but instead was just sent to the sin bin. The NHL has to start treating Crosby as if he is any other player in this series. This is the same situation we saw with the Sedins and Duncan Keith. But if Crosby is to keep up this scrappy play we could see him getting harder hits or punched in the face which could lead to the end of his career due to a concussion.

3) Scott Hartnell is a bad@$$.

4) Old School Hockey is alive and well. The NHL has transformed into a fines league it is more softer in nature (like the NFL) but just like NFL were seeing that once you get to the playoffs it’s the defense and gritty teams that will prevail. Although the most awesome quote giving goalie (Bryzgalov) is giving up 4+ goals a game there is still an element of defense. The scrappiness of all these playoff games (especially this one) is just showing us that it’s the teams that are willing to grind it out and fight are gonna be the teams that continue to win. Once the fights began and the hard checks came in by the hundreds Pittsburgh looked out of sync, it looked as if the Flyers were running circles around them because they were in the Pens heads.

I don’t know what will happen from here on out but if half the games are as entertaining as this one, were in for a good NHL playoffs.




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