30 Teams in 30 Days – Miami Marlins

Looks like the Major Leagues have a new bad boy on the block. It seems like roughly every six or so years the Miami Marlins (formally Florida Marlins) spend 2 years building an awesome, championship contending team to find themselves winning the World Series! However, the Marlins always crumble the following offseason, losing well 80% of their team. This has become a trend for the Marlins, and it looks like they’re going through the rebuilding phase again! Snagging some big name free agent acquisitions.. before we see my prediction for the Marlins in 2012 let’s see how they stacked up in 2011.

Miami Marlins
Record: 72-90
Finish: 5th in NL East
Playoffs: None
Top Pitcher: Javier Vazquez 13-11, 3.69 ERA, 162 SO
Top Hitter: Giancarlo (formally Mike) Stanton 0.262 AVG, 34 HR, 87 RBI
Important Offseason Acquisitions: Carlos Zambrano SP,  Austin Kearns LF, Heath Bell RHP, Jose Reyes SS, Mark Buehrle SP,  Aaron Rowand CF,
Important Offseason Losses: Javier Vazquez (retired), Jose Lopez CLE

Ok along with the Angels, the Marlins were the talk of the town during the offseason acquiring several big names and going after several more (Many sources reported they were within a hair of acquiring Albert Pujols). Well the Marlins are locked and ready to go in 2012; acquiring Jose Reyes AND holding on to Hanley (who is going to have to make the move to 3B! EGAD! The world is ending.. at least in the eyes of Hanley). And I know all you guys are saying “SimpleJack are you stupid or something? Hanley Ramirez sucks!” And I know he had an abysmal 2011 but look for Senor Ramirez to bounce back during the 2012 campaign. Well, onto Reyes! The Marlins acquired arguably the only good Met from the 2011 season, but considering the Mets’ performance that isn’t saying much… But we all know Reyes is a great player, a perennial allstar, and a guy who will guarantee to accumulate you a .300 AVG and 40 SB on a early basis as long as he stays injury free. The Marlins will surely have no problem with their lineup. They’re bringing backed Mike.. ahem sorry I mean Giancarlo Stanton who had a stellar 2011 and I only see him improving upon that especially with the addition of Reyes. I foresee Giancarlo becoming a RBI machine in 2012. They also added ex-Phillie and Giant, Aaron Rowand and Austin Kearns who should both add considerable depth, whilst retaining most of their core which includes Greg Dobbs, Omar Infante, and Gaby Sanchez. Now for the Miami Marlins, the pitching is where its going to be at. Despite losing their 2011 ace Javier Vazquez to retirement the Marlins managed to add the always feisty and hard-headed Carlos Zambrano (who the Cubs finally released was causing too many problems in Chicago) who, despite his temperament, is a very good, solid starter and MARK BUEHRLE! My boy! Along with these new fellas the Miami Marlins retain Josh Johnson and Anibal Sanchez (who don’t forget, threw a no-hitter!) They also added considerably to the bullpen by signing closer Heath Bell. Anyway, along with a change in name, the Marlins are going to see a drastic change in their team in 2012 and will most likely find themselves in the playoff hunt as August draws to a close and may even manage to fight their way into the play-in game.

Record: 88-74
Finish: 3rd in East
Playoffs: Lose in Play-in game
Top Hitter: Jose Reyes .322 AVG, 12 HR, 68 RBI, 51 SB
Top Pitcher: Mark Buehrle 14-7, 3.67 ERA, 173 SO
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