ValLINtines day 2012

February 14th, 2012 will from now on always be known as VaLINtines day in remembrance of Jeremy Shu-How Lin’s 5th and most majestic start yet. The Raptors had the lead throughout the game and into the the 4th quarter. Then with 1:06 left in the fourth quarter LINSANITY happened. Jeremy Lin made an outstanding lay-up that led to a foul. Lin then made his free throw. What happened next was the craziest thing I’ve seen since the 49ers-Saints game. The Raptors had the ball with under a minute left, Leandro Barbosa missed a three point shot. The Knicks proceeded to get the rebound with 43 seconds left. The Knicks then went on the offensive. With 19 seconds left, the Knicks got an offensive rebound and had the chance to close out the game. They put the ball in the hands of point guard, Jeremy Shu-How Lin. Mr Lin let time die down and with 1 second on the clock, he shot one of the most beautiful three pointers AND MADE IT. The Knicks ended up winning, Lin scored 27 points and it sprung a slew of tweets and Facebook statuses with Lin Puns. This game reminded me of the Broncos-Jets game, by comparing Tebow and Lin, because just when you thought Lin couldn’t do anymore, HE DID. I cannot wait to see what Jeremy Lin does next.

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